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 Automated ATMs

BCB Community Bank would like to introduce our customers to their new Automated ATMs. Now you can deposit cash or checks envelope free, into every ATM at our branch locations at any time. Simply follow the instructions on the screen and get your banking done fast and easy. No more deposit tickets or envelopes all you need is your ATM/Debit card!

When making cash deposits the ATM will now give you a listing of the denominations deposited and the total before processing the deposit; the information will also be printed on your receipt. If you are making a check deposit, the image of the check(s) will appear on your screen, and if you choose, print on your receipt after you make your deposit, for you to keep for your records.


Q. Is my deposit available after I make my ATM deposit?
A. If the deposit is cash, the funds will be made available continuously during regular banking hours; check deposits will have the normal applicable holds.

Q. Can I cash checks through the ATM?
A. Funds for the check being deposited will not be available immediately. You will have to withdraw funds that exist in the account.

Q. What if I do not get a receipt?
A. Receipts cannot be reprinted. If you have online banking the transaction will be available to review or you can visit any BCB branch for more information.

Q. Is it possible to print a receipt without the image of the check?
A. Yes there is an option to have the receipt print without the check image.

Q. Can I make a deposit to another banking institution from the ATM?
A. No, deposits can only be made into your BCB Community Bank accounts.

Q. Is there a difference between making an ATM deposit over making a deposit in the bank?
A. There is no difference but the ATM will accept deposits after regular banking hours.

Q. How many checks can I deposit at one time?
A. The ATM will only accept one check at a time, but you are not limited to the amount of deposits you can make.

Q. How many bills can I deposit at one time?
A. The ATM will accept multiple bills to be deposited at one time.

Q. What do I do if the ATM doesn't read my card?
A. The card may be worn and will need to be replaced. Visit your local branch and a BCB Community Bank employee can assist in ordering a new card.

Q. What if the ATM cannot read my check?
A. The ATM may have trouble picking up information printed on the check. Visit one of your local BCB branches and proceed to a teller to deposit the check.

Q. What if the ATM calculates my deposit wrong?
A. If the ATM calculates your deposit wrong please visit one of our BCB Employees or call Customer Care at (201) 823-0700 for further assistance.

Q. Is there a fee for making a deposit through the ATM?
A. No, you will not incur any fees for making deposits at the ATM.

Q. What is the maximum amount of money I can withdraw from an ATM? What is my daily limit or purchase limit on my ATM card?
A. This varies depending on the individual debit card. Visit your local branch or call Customer Care at (201)-823-0700 to find out the limit.

Q. How do I increase or decrease the amount I can withdraw from an ATM?
A. Visit your local branch or call Customer Care (201)-823-0700 for more information.

Q. How do I transfer funds at an ATM?
A. Select the transfer funds option. Note: This option will only work for accounts that have been linked to the individual debit card.

Q. What should I do if I plan to travel internationally and use my ATM or Debit card?
A. Visit your local branch or call Customer Care at (201)-823-0700 for more information so a note can be placed in your file on your upcoming travels.

Q. What do I do if the ATM kept my card or I forget my card in the ATM?
A. Visit your local branch or call Customer Care at (201)-823-0700 for more information. (Please note the location and provide the information to a BCB Community Bank employee to further assist you).

Q. Who can I talk to if I want to change my pin or have my card replaced?
A. In order for this change to take place visit your local branch and a BCB Community Bank employee will assist with this matter.

Q. What should I do if my ATM/Debit Card is lost or stolen?
A. Contact BCB Community Bank at 201-823-0700 immediately and a representative will be able to assist you with this matter. If your card is lost or stolen after business hours you can call 1-888-849-6046.

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